City Walk to Old Town Beijing

City walk is also a good exercise! Especially, if you live in a city that has old towns or 8 miles walk path so that you can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful city view. So for this weekend, we took a city walk in Hutong -- Old town of Beijing. It is amazing despite the local weather was not that good. In northern part of China, the air quality is pretty unhealthy during the winter. However, we still took a little bit walk as our daily exercises.
The old town of Beijing also named Hu Tong -- meaning the narrow alleys. In Qing Dynasty, only the members of the Royal family and those government officials could live in this area. So why we took so many pictures of the front door? In ancient China, people with different positions have various of front door decorations. Kind of collection to show you the cultures.
As you can see from the picture above, there are two white stone black sitting on the left and right side of the main gate. Moreover there are four wooden square blocks located near the lanterns. In ancient culture, people in the same social class can be married with each other. There are an old saying, shrimps look for shrimps, fishes look for fishes and turtles can only find turtles. So how can you know the girls and boys come from same social class? Just by the numbers of the square blocks. Usually four blocks will not find two blocks and probably a bad idea to marry someone whose gate has six wooden blocks. This is a sample way to know what kind of family used to own the house. By the way, the white marble block shows whether this family works as military officials or civil officials. How could you know? Well, if the marble block are shaped in square like those in the pictures, it is a military officer's house. If the marble is shaped in round, then it means it is a civil officials house. 
Right now, this old town still has people to live and mix with local business too. Like cafes, coffee shops, hotels and shops. I love city walk, since it is a good way to exercise and explore the city too~ Enjoy guys. Christmas is right in the corner. Wish everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend! See you soon!
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