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Hike on Crater Lake

This was actually not a hike, because we drove through the whole national park. The park was amazing. Crater lake is so big, so blue, and so quite. Oregon is a beautiful state! They have ocean, rivers, lakes, falls, forests, and mountains. I feel the most amazing thing is this state has everything. Due to the intensity of our trip, we have to drive through this wonderful national park within in 40 mins. However, even with this short, the park still left me an unforgettable impression. 

So before moved to west coast, I have been living in Michigan for three years. By the Great Lakes, I should not be that excited if I see any 'big' lake, since Lake Michigan considered huge to most of the people. However I never experienced any lake like this! Crater lake is formed by a died volcano. Judging by the size of the lake, you can tell how big the volcano used to be.  

When I stood in front of Lake Michigan, I felt I was in front of an ocean with less waves. I could not see the lake shore anyway, just as the same I could not see the other side of the ocean but water, water and more water. When I stood in front of the Crater Lake, I felt I was facing an blue diamond. So peaceful and so deep. Like something it will never change and remains for good. 

Moreover, you will see plants from cold area such as pine trees and some other rarely seen plants. It is quite interesting to walk around and explore the whole area. I wish I could stay longer in the park and have time to discover more!

Great place to hike, bike and ski. So if you are around, please take a look! Definitely worth the time and money!

Enjoy~ Spring is now near! Ready for the new year?? Wish everyone has a great year!

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