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Hike on San Onofre State Beach

It was an easy hike! Unlike those preserved beach, San Onofre State Beach is the only one wild beach in California. At first, I did not get what means wild beach, just know it would not as 'clean' as the other beaches. As soon as I landed at San Onofre, I knew that the original beach has so many stones, seaweeds and even lobster remains. Sorry, it is quite unusual for people who first came to visit a 'wild' beach. 

But the scenery was so stunning! Just a little bite uneasy to walk among these stones. Plus you need to be careful about where you standing, some part of the route are under construction. So just read about the signs and keep aware of the surroundings. The beach trail is about 2 miles long in a round trip. Very easy to follow. Not a lot of people in the beach, so it is kind of nice to have a solo walk. Enjoy and embrace the nature.

On the way, I saw many of surfers who practiced surfing on the ocean. California has both oceans and mountains, so it is quite easy to get out of the gym and do some practices in the nature. I know there are some kind of training you can do in the gym to give you a taste about those unbalance and moveable moments on a surf board. It seems very easy but actually very hard when you take one of the Queenax exercises. 

On the other side of the beach, there is a closed nuclear factory. You can see from the picture below. It seems very close to the beach. Towards the end of the day, couples started their dogs for a walk. Very peaceful and harmony atmosphere. Jogging on the beach is a good way to burn fat, maybe next time, we should try this!


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