Hike On Sandstone Peak

All right, it was a long long week, since our last hiking journal. Yeah, we had a short vacation too. Just relax without posting anything. LOL. Yeah, this hike happened about two month ago with beautiful fall color changing and very quite hiking trails. It was nice as usual. Sandstone peak is also included in the big Santa Monica Mountains area. 

As you can see in the cover photo clearly about those mountains and hills. Fall is beautiful with different colors. Especially you can see various shape of clouds. This trail is so quite during weekdays. Only four vehicles was parked in the parking lot and we met no body on the whole hiking trip. Sometime it was nice to be quite but too quite is a little scary though. LOL. 

Even the highway was so empty. Just like usual, we was lost signal as soon as enter into the mountain area. Fortunately the GPS worked when we drove to Sandstone Peak, but we did not get any luck to get out of here. The gas tank was full, so there was nothing too much to worry. With a little confusing, we did not return to the parking lot but to the other exit which is about .5 miles away from the parking lot. So we had to walk on the highway. It was kind of funny when a driving car saw couple people walking on the side road. 

The view is amazing. The hiking trial is very easy to follow. It is quite a medium length hike. Just remember to carry enough water with you. Besides, since it is so quite, it might be a good idea to hike with a group. Plus the peak has views that perfect for a position shots. 

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