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Hike on the Great Wall, China

This was a fun hike. The weather was so cold though. So start from the beginning, as a group, we took a two hour driving from downtown Beijing to the Simatai Great Wall. This part of the Great Wall also connects to Beijing WTown, a newly contrasted tourist site, which is copied the ancient Chinese water town. The two sites share one ticket office, as soon as you enter the main gate and purchase the park ticket, your journey starts from there. The Great Wall offers Cable Car also, if you are too tired, you can try to take that instead. 

As soon as you start hiking, the elevation gains slowly. The furthest you can hike is to Tower 10. So start from Tower 2, the round trip is about 5 miles, and take about 3 hours in total. The Great Wall is pretty windy, so wear something warm if you choose to visit in the late fall or early winter season. The Great Wall is made by stones and bricks, so most the trails are stairs. The difficulty level is between easy and moderate. You can find it easily to hike from Tower 4 to Tower 10, but the trail from Tower 2 to Tower 3 are very long and steep. 

The Great Wall were built on top of the mountains and part of it were built next to rivers, which has another view from what you have seen on this one. How to decide which part of the Great Wall is pretty? It depends on the mountains. The Great Wall in Beijing has varies sites and locations, so which one is prettier? Since the Great Wall was built on the mountains. If the mountains are tall with good view then it is considered as a pretty site. Besides in Beijing there is also color changing during the fall, so as long as there are more trees and plants on the site, it is also can be considered as a popular site. 

This is the end of the trail. After Tower 10, the rest of the Great Wall remains unrestored, therefore the government shut down the trail from hikers. Feel free to contact us by Facebook message if you want to know more about our hiking journal, hiking info or our activewear products!

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