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Hike on Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

It was a lovely hike! We started from the trail head. Torrey Pines Reserve has both cliffs and beaches, which is pretty amazing! Besides, it is a black sand beach! We have not done any research about the area before we go, so as soon as we stepped onto the beach. The beach is black! At the first thought, we felt the beach might be seriously polluted. However after returned from the hike, we found out this was a very special sand type in San Diego area! Very very interesting!

As usual, let us start from the beginning. The trail head of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is very easy to find. There are some elevation gains, but not as much as the other trails we had been to. Torrey Pines Reserve contains various pine trees which is very rare in California. Usually pine trees live in a relatively cold regions. That is why this area named after these trees. Students from University California of San Diego like to do some morning jogging or walk in this state park. While in the weekend, here are getting crowded. It is a good place for family, friends' hike and for fitness too! 

Follow the trail, we first reached to the top of the cliff. On our way to the top, we saw lots of muscle joggers. Breath the fresh air, enjoy the sun shine while working hard to burn fat! That is perfect for weekend!

As soon as we reached to the top, the trail split into two routes. One is directly to the beach. Trails in the park are pretty easy to follow. When you reached to the sea level, the scenery was stunning! However in some parts the beach line was a little scary. I am glad that I had an accompany, so that in some parts of the beach I did not need to walk by myself. Sometime it is a little scary when walk in some shadows with no one around. 

Enjoy the beautiful view! We will come back. Let us know if you want to hike with us sometime after Christmas! Enjoy the beautiful season and have fun!


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