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Hike on Griffith Observatory

It is a lovely hike!! Griffith Observatory is stunning! Well, always, hiking to those amazing trails are nice to me! However, we did not make to the Hollywood sign! Unfortunately, they were closed for maintenance. So we only finished half part of the trail. Well, it is still very impressive! 

So there are two ways to reach to the Observatory: one is driving to the top and park in front of the Observatory. The parking lots in front of the Griffith Observatory were very crowded, since so many people try to park as close as they can. So some visitors just park on the sideways near the peak. Another way is parking in the parking lots near the trailhead, which is half way of the mountain and then start hiking to the Observatory. That is what we did this time.

On your way up, you will not miss this astonishing view. This trail is an easy trail, with clear sign and well maintained fire way. You can easily hike to the peak and follow the path to the Hollywood sign. The fire way does not contain much shade, so suncream is very necessary in this condition. In a clear day, you can see pretty much of the downtown Los Angels. If you start to hike in a late afternoon, it is a good time to catch the sunset and the beautiful night view of Los Angles. This is one of the places I love to go in Los Angels, solo or with a group. 


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