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Hike on Point Mugu State Park

I am pretty new to hiking. Point Mugu is the first moderate hiking trail that I have ever tried in Santa Monica Mountains. While I have to say it is an amazing experience that I had so far. Point Mugu has an amazing scenery, though the trail difficulty level is a little beyond my thought. 

After searching online about the trail information such as the trail condition, difficulty level, proper routes and Point Mugu's images, I chose to take a little adventure. Usually I just take an easy trail with some exercises. At first, I thought moderate means the trail length is just longer than the easy one, but apparently not. Here my recommendation is do as much research as you can, if you are the beginners. Sometime the trail shows easy at first, but it turns out there are some potential difficulties when you actually hike. Moreover, wearing professional hiking shoes and gears if you need them. These gonna help you during the trip and prevent you from injuries. Always remember to bring a bottle of water!

Okay, here we go. First thing, I never imagine the scenery is such amazing! Plus the trail becomes very steep as soon as the elevation gains. After I reached to the top, there came to two directions: left turn and right turn. Most fellows chose the left turn, but I do not know why, I chose the right turn. It is a very smooth and long route where you can tell from the photo below. The elevation gains slower and slower. There were basically only me hiking by myself. 

Later on, I reached to end of the trail -- the hill that has a flag on. Yeah, I reached to the peak!! I knew after I climbed to the top, then I just follow the hiking trail leading my way out of here.  As soon as I reached to the top, the way out seemed extremely steep! Way beyond my imagination. Plus I did not have any gear with me, no proper shoes.... So please please follow my recommendations when you choose to hike at Point Mugu State Park. Promise it will be one of the nice state parks in California. By the way there is also a beautiful beach across the PCH. Check it out and have fun!


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